Be smart. Lease a Buick.

Interested in leasing a Buick in the Minneapolis or St. Paul region? That’s smart thinking. Leasing a vehicle offers many benefits compared to purchasing—benefits like:

  • Lower monthly payments. Lower cost, no upfront sales tax and little or no down payment.
  • Never being “upside-down”. Lease, and you only pay for the deprecation that occurs during your lease term (1-4 years).
  • Fewer repair bills. When you’re covered by a warranty, you won’t get hit with a large, unexpected repair bill.
  • New vehicle, new features. Whenever you like. If you always love the newest technology, comfort and safety features, leasing is for you.
  • No loan approval. If you have less than stellar credit, you may not be approved for a car loan–or you’ll have to pay an outrageous amount of interest. Leasing companies typically aren’t as strict as lenders because they can easily take back the vehicle if you don’t make payments or if you violate any lease term.

Check out our special lease offers below. Then, come in and take a test drive or custom order the GMC that was meant for you.